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Cancellation of Orders/Refunds

Homeinout.com - Return Policy

There may be few occasions/instances, where you may recieve a package or a product placed by you in Flawed/damaged conditions, also there can be very few instances where an order placed by you gets duplicated/reversed, say for instance you have ordered for a Product A at the beginning, but unfortunately you ended up recieving Product B. All these are possible human errors, but there is no need to regret here, you will be retrieved with your actual order/product through our effective return policies, If in case you do have any such problems with your orders, Please contact us @,

  • Our support team @ support@homeinout.com. (Or)
  • Contact your buyer with the order details in homeinout.com and we will get back to you on the issue with a solution.

The return process of the product can be restricted depending on the nature and category of the product.

Conditions for return:

  • Please notify us of receipt of a Damaged / Flawed product within maximum 48 hours of delivery.
  • Products/Items should be in unused conditions.
  • Products should be returned in their original packaging along with the original price tags, labels and invoices.
  • It is advised that the return parcel should be strongly and adequately packaged so that there is no further damage of goods in transit.

Special cases:

  • No cancellations are entertained for those products that the Homeinout marketing team has obtained on special occasions like Pongal, Diwali and Valentine’s Day etc. These are limited occasion offers and therefore cancellations are not possible.
  • Homeinout does not accept cancellation requests for perishable items like flowers, eatables etc. However, refund/replacement can be made if the customer establishes that the quality of product delivered is not good.
  • In case of receipt of damaged or defective consumer durable items and non durable items like mobile phones, mixer grinder, calculator etc, please report the same to our Customer Service team. The request will, however, be entertained once the merchant has checked and determined the same at his own end. This should be reported within 7 days of receipt of the products.

If in case we cannot find you the product, which you have actually ordered for then we will instantly facilitate for the refunds, but only on fulfilling the above mentioned "Condition for return".


We will process the refund after receipt of the product by Homeinout.com or its business partners. Refund will be processed based on the mode of payment of the order.

  • Orders paid by credit/debit card will be refunded by credit back to the credit/debit card within 12 working days and the refund will reflect in the next statement.
  • Orders paid by net banking accounts will be credited back to the bank account.